Biennalen some of my favourites

Pernille Snedker Hansen

Marianne Johnstad Møller

Isabel Berglund

Christin Johansson

Benta Skjøttgård

Pia Lund Hansen

Morten Cramer og Morten Tillitz

Karen Lise Krabbe
Lone BorgenMarie-Louise Kristensen

Julie Bartholdy

Pi BjørgMarianne Krumbach Marianne Nielsen

So I did not take any pictures myself at the Biennale opening... There were so many many people! But these are from and most of them are ceramics...

I really want to have the rainbow floor myself! It is evenmore "wauw" in real life! Susanne Hangaard scared me a little with her work (just above the text) its a small movie with her naked, been painted with the blue fluted pattern. Interresting, good surroundings and super collegues!


  1. dear "princess", need to tell you that your blog makes me happy!
    you are very inspiring. your work is just great and i enjoy to follow the names of your favorite artist too! thank you very much for sharing, julia

  2. Thank you for the sweet words:)


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