Silence in the snow. This morning, everything was white and beautifull. I love snow very much, it makes all the grey and brown disappear. All thing gets "fluffy" and soft even sounds.


Cathrine Raben Davidsen

The big exhibition at Trapholt during the christmas fair was: The inkwell, with Cathrine Raben Davidsen. I enjoyed it very much and was happy to see some ceramics too!

Christmas at Trapholt

Once again I must say thanks for all the smiles:) It has been a great weekend! So an early: Merry christmas to all of you!



Remember to visit Trapholt this weekend! The christmas fair is open 10.00-17.00. You can buy small Snowscapes at my place!


The artschool - Vejen Billedskole

Just finished this years teaching at the class of drawing. The were great this group!

Det gyldne snit

Var lige til Efterårsmøde igår aftes, hvor vi i grupperådet i Danske kunsthåndværkere Syd, havde arrangeret foredrag med matematikeren Carsten Cramon. Det var meget interessant og godt at få genopfrisket!


Children drawings

Some of the childrens drawings, what can I say... I love them:)

Exhibition - ending at the Æglageret

The exhibition had it´s last day today. 560 children saw the exhibition and they all made a drawing of one work, either Flemming Quist Møllers illustrations or my princess. The 560 drawings hang in the middle of the room on strings and it was very colourfull. Flemming signed a lot of books and posters and I gave away my first autograph:) Today many of the children came back to show their parents, their drawings, so there was really many people!


Århus 3

Kathrine Ærtebjerg at Aros

Julie Nords Xenoglossy exhibition at Aros. It was wonderfull, and outstanding! A real fairytale. My sister and I went to Aros museum of art, as the last stop for our trip in Århus. Super day!