Merry Christmas

I just want to wish you all a merry christmas, this year we are going to have a white christmas and it is so wonderfull. 2010 was not the best clay year for me (broken kiln and bad hands), so Im looking so much forward to 2011. The year will start with an exhibition at Kolding library, Kseina and I are still working on our project and Im going to visit her in Russia in the spring, MiuMI and I are having an big exhibition at Grimmerhus in September, Im going to make monsters for the Monsters collection, which is going to be exhibited in Designer ZOO in August and then there is the book and all the other small things and ideas:) So Happy new year from the Princess and me!



Inga Vestergård is the wife of Asger Kristensen www.havlitstentoj.dk Inga is mainly working with birds decoration on bowls and so on. But I really like when she makes her unique pieces.

Teacher 1

Asger kristensen was one of my teacher at school. His latest works is very interesting and experimental. I like the structures and offcourse the glaze:) Pictures from www.havlitstentoj.dk

Glaze geek 3

Helene Keis finished school this year, and I love her works and the glazing:) Helene makes ceramic with Jakob Fiedler see more www.keisfiedler.dk