Glaze geek 8

WAUW design uses crystalline glazes on their vessels, they are very simple and fine. I think the crystalline glazes are very interesting to work with, but their is a lot of vaste, when you use them, because the crystal can crash the burnt clay. I have a lot of beautilfull test pieces which are broken. See more on http://www.wauw-design.dk/ for the pictures above.


Nelly Gaskin

Making a Prince for the Princess

I finally found some boots for my Prince! So now I begun to make the moulds for him:)

Im not always happy about working with the plaster, because Im not always as patience as I should be... But today it all went almost the way I wanted it! So when the moulds are dry, you will see the Prince!


Carole Epp

This is the work of Carole Epp. She has the blog: http://www.musingaboutmud.blogspot.com/ I think the blog is one of the most interesting blogs about ceramics. Her own works are interesting too, but she does not show them often on the blog. But some of them you can see here.


Amanda Small

Amanda Small USA was in the PN10 group. The PN09+PN10 had an exhibition at Grimmerhus together in the summer 2010. So I meet Amanda at that time. She is brilliant! I really love her works, because it is so simple, but so effective and delicate. See more on http://www.amandasmall.com/