Miumi plates

Today at Primus Motor we made some different stuff. Janni made the plates above, we glazed some pieces for a table leg and I made some porcelain clay and finished two pieces from before easter. A good day in good company!



The Prince and the Princess

Helle casting in the plaster molds. And below me making the porcelain ready for casting.

These days my sister Helle is helping me at the studio. Helle is helping me with making new Princesses and the Prince! Im looking forward to meet him:)


Yu Jordy Fu

Happy easter! In Denmark we have this tradition of making paper cuts in the weeks before easter. We write a small poem on the paper cut and some times puts flowers in it too, signing it with dots, so the person who gets it, has to guess who sent it. If the person guess who sent it, he/ she will get an chocolate egg today! But if he/ she can´t guess who sent it, the person will come and tell today, and recive an chocolate egg! So thees lamps just reminded me about the tradition...



Kalle and I went on a day trip to Odense to visit the ZOO and my friend Malene. The trees were green and with flowers, the sun was wonderful and we had a perfect day!