Claydies at Trapholt

I was in Kolding last Friday to work with Janni, and after work I went to Trapholt to see the exhibition with Claydies. They´ve been working together for 10 years now, so the made a very fun catalogue. It is just like a women magazine!


Matroyska dolls 3

Some quick photos of the new matroyska dolls with the H.C.Andersen fairytale cut into it. And yes it is porcelain. This was the number two set of dolls from the collaboration with Ksenia.


Rainy days

These days Im working on different projects: 1. Miumi for the exhibition at Grimmerhus this September. 2: The Monster and Mascottes for the exhibition at Designer Zoo at July. 3. The clay illustrations for the exhibition at the museum of art in Vejen. Then there are the cookie collection with the Princess and the new Prince! My kiln is cooling down and Im waiting to see some results! Though I need to fire the Prince and Princess one more time for the gold... But then!


Marie Langaa

I went to a fair in Odense this sunday, just as a visitor. At the fair I talked with Maria Langaa Pedersen http://www.marielangaa.dk/. I like her teapot at the last picture very much! It has humour:)