Viser indlæg fra august, 2011

Miumi soon...

The exhibition: Only if you belive there is... Is soon ready to go to Grimmerhus! The opening is the of September at 15.00


Yesterday I got the news from Janni, that the Danish Arts Agency is going support our show! So now we are going to have a really nice catalogue! We are doing the last pieces for the show these days. The opening at Grimmerhus is the of September at 15.00 pm. Looking so much forward to it and hope to see you!

Louise Degn

I was standing near to Louise Degn at the fair, and I really like her jewellery! They have humour and for me being a ceramic artist, Im so happy that one of these rings now are mine:) Guess which one?

The fair -my place!

So today we had a nice almost dry day! And once again I must say thank you for all the smiles and laughes!

Rainy day

Today the craft fair begun... And it has been raining all day! But people showed up anyway and the smiles were there too! It´s really good to see people showing up year after year, it makes me happy! I have no pictures today, hope I can take a few tomorrow. Hope to see you the next days! Oh I forgot to write that Designer Zoo sold almost half of the monsters! And people are very supportive at the fair too:)


Im looking forward to the fair starting on Thursday!

Wallpaper for Miumi

Im working on some wallpaper for the exhibition.

Ålborg Zoo

On our way home from a wonderfull week, we stopped in Ålborg to meet my childhood friend and my parents. I used to come at the Zoo a lot, when we lived here, so it was nice to come back.

So this was this holiday! Next week I hope to see you in Copenhagen for the craft fair


For me summer in Denmark is a lot of childhood memories. When I was a child, I´ve lived differents places in the northern part of Jutland/Denmark. Since I spent many holidays here with my family and to come back here is really nice.

Near Lønstrup there is a small town and here we visited one of my old schoolmates from Engelsholm Højskole. He is an glass artist. And sorry forgot to take photos...



Ålbæk habour



One day we went to an aquarium, the biggest one in Skandinavien. They have 3 sunfish here, and they are fantastic! They can be very big! It is a very nice aquarium and they show the sealife of the Danish coasts. Kalle enjoyed very much too.

The beach

This summer my family and me went to Ålbæk in the northern part of Denmark, very close to Skagen. We had sun almost every day and we enjoyed it!