Michael Hansmeyer

I finally got some more time for looking after cool stuff on www´s and yesterday I found this. It´s amazing!


Kun hvis man tror der er

The invitation for the show! It is allready open, but the official opening is the 25th of September at 15 pm. See you!


Miumi day 6

Today Ole Akhøj og Louise Mazanti was at Grimmerhus. Ole Akhøj is our photographer and Loise mazanti is the text writer for the catalouge. I also saw the New Nordic Narrative exhebition and there were many good art pieces! Our exhibition: Only if you belive there is, opens up tomorrow at 11.00 am! But our opening show is not until the 25th of September!

Miumi day 5

Late Friday evening, almost finished with all the details.


Miumi, day 4

Yesterday i went to my work in the store, and the others did a lot of work on the exhibition. Its going to be great!


Miumi, building up the exhibition day 1

Day 1 at Grimmerhus went well, the people at the museum are always so nice and helpfull!

Looking forward to the next days...