Christmas fair at Trapholt 2011

My place! Almost everything was new this time. I made the Princess collection: Black´n white. The Bowls: Tales from somewhere else and the: Mini Monsters, which are similar to the ones I did to support the Danish Cancer society. And then I had some christmas ornaments and old stuff. It was a great weekend, people liked the newest production and everybody was nice.



If you love danish design and ceramics, just go and see theese shops. Designer Zoo in Copenhagen and Århus, Unika:K and Danish ceramics are on the web and Dina Vejling is in Odense. In almost every shop (not Unika:K) you can buy the princess. The people who works in the shops are very dedicated to their work and the people I know from the shops are alway very helpfull and nice. So a big thanks to all of you:)