... A very merry christmas!

A small sneak peak at the exhibition: Glasurglæder with works from: Asger Christensen, Ane Fabricius Christiansen, Gurli Elbækgaard, Bente Skjøttgaard og Morten Løbner. The exhibition and the calendar will be shown until May 2013.
The Princess and I are wishing you all a very merry Christmas, hope you will come and see the exhibition soon!

24. December - Merry Christmas!

"Happily ever after!" Finally the Princess found her Prince! And he is not as ugly as the frog! The Landscape here is made by: Ane Fabricius Christiansen, we went to school together and she is also in the exhibition: Glasurgæder, which the Christmas calendar is a part of. Photo: Pernille Kemp.

23. December

"Find me! Kiss me!" The Princess has finally found the Prince! He is still a frog, but the Almighty told her how to make him back to a Prince. She just have to kiss him! Photo: Pernille Klemp


22. December

"Under the world" To find the enchanted forest with the Prince, the Princess has to go under the mountain, through deep beautiful caverns. Photo: Pernille Klemp

21. December

"On top of the world!" The Princess meets the almighty and he helps her to find her way to the Prince! She is so happy! You have to go to Vejen kunstmuseum to see the almighty. Photo: Pernille Klemp


20. December

"High high up the sky, into a cloud and fly fly fly!" The Princess is saved! Some flying plates saw her in the Ortonfield and helped her away from the dark area. They want to help her even more and they take her to the almighty! Finally, things looking good. Photo Pernille Klemp


19. December

"She cried out for help, but nobody could hear her!" The Princess is really lost now! She is in the middle of the dangerous Ortonfield! Nobody can hear her calling, so it looks really dark!
Photo: Pernille Klemp

18. December

"Hide!" The Princess needs to hide, she is again lost in the wilderness! Photo: Pernille Klemp


17. December

"Are we in China now?" The Princess was so scared yesterday, that she made a hole for hiding and she  was so scared that the hole went all the way to China! Photo: Pernille Klemp

16. December

Oh no! "Are we lost again?" The Princess can't find her way out of the Tenmoukoforest! And she can hear things in the woods, so she is really scared! Photo: Pernille Klemp


15. December

"Seeking high and low!" The Princess is looking everywhere for the almighty! Photo: Pernille Klemp


14. December

"Roses are red Violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you!" The Princess is having a break. Just enjoying the view, from the top of the flowers, dreaming about the Prince. Photo by Pernille Klemp


13. December

"Oh deer!" The Princess has helped the Bambi to get back to its family. In return they tell her that they think she should try and find the almighty in the sky. The Princess does not know who that is, but continues her way through Keramos. Photo by Pernille Klemp


Snow, frost and beautiful ice

We are lucky to have this beautiful weather in DK at the moment. It is so much better than grey, rainy and cold days!

12. December

"Bambina bambina Bambi!" The little Bambi is lost i the woods, but the Princess finds it and helps it back to its family. Photo by pernille Klemp 2012


11. December

The Princess is going on in a hurry, maybe she will find the princes soon!
Photo by pernille Klemp 2012


10. December

The Princess meets the mermaid of Niels Hansen Jacobsen. The mermaid helps her back on the right direction, so she can find the Prince!


7. December

"Go away go away, please don´t eat me, please please not today!" The Princess is hiding from the plate monsters! The plate monsters love porcelain, so lets hope they don´t find the Princess!


6. December

"Filly Fungus" The Princess has come to a weird place with fungus growing in funny shapes. The smell from the fungus forest is not good, so the Princess is in a hurry to get away from there!


4. December

"There he was, slimy and smelly, waiting for her to come!" The Monster of slim is waiting for the Princess. He knows where the Prince is, but he don´t want to tell the Princess. So when the Princess comes, he tells her to go into the wrong direction, far away from the Prince!

3. December

"Hello there!" The Princess has arrived to the town of the small people: Musselputterne. Her blue friends Beatus and Cor are looking in the houses after the frog prince. One of the Musselputter tells the Princess that she has to go into the dark areas of Keramos to find the Prince. So she continues.


"Row row row..." The Princess is sailing through Keramos, hoping to find the Prince.

1. December

"Into the Celadonforest" was in the box on the 1.th of December. The Princess is told that a Prince, living in Keramos has been taken and turned into a frog! The Princess wants to find him and turn him back into a Prince. So she starts her adventure, asking the animals of the Celadonforest for any information.