From Latvia, Ksenia and I took a flight to Skt. Petersborg Russia. Here we met with Ole and Kalle and Ksenia showed us the old beautiful city for two days. We went to Moscow after that and ended up on an island near Saratov, in the river Volga. Ksenia is one of the girls from Project Network 2009, and she and I are making a project together... see after Matroyskha dolls. It was an amazing trip through Russia and we met a lot of nice people.


I´ve been in Latvia for a week this summer, meeting with some of the people from Project Network 2009. It was very good to see them all again and making new ceramics friends. We all stayed with Ieva and her husband Maris, they are both ceramic artists. And during the days I was there, they had an art/film/culture festival in Roja. Some of us had a day in Riga and that is a wonderful city.