Viser indlæg fra september, 2012

More KeramosScapes

A forrest of growing "things" And the meeting with a mermaid... Still enjoying this very much:)


I´m not completely sure about the first picture... Maybe its going to be pink too, but I have not decided totally yet...The next one I'm thinking of making like the vessel in brown/blue glaze, and I have already added some low fired clay to make a contrast to the very sharp "rocks" growing from this piece... I want to add more materials and maybe fire it once more, but I have to think a little about how and what to do! have a nice weekend!

Hey doggy!

The Princess is going to meet these guys, are they good or bad???

One more

I´m making a lot of landscapes these days. They are all for the christmas calendar at Vejen museum of art. The Princess is going to meet Niels Hansen Jacobsens ceramics, an example is the glazed piece above. So I´m getting inspired of NHJ way of working with the clay, also trying to guess how he used his glazes and so on. I really enjoy this way of working and I think it is very interesting that NHJ worked the way he did 100 years ago.

The princess in a new book

Back in 2007 I made a collaboration with the Royal Copenhagen. The pieces I made was shown in: The Royal Café. After the exhibition ended they kept some of the princesses. This year the owners of the café made this very beautiful book with recipes for their: Smushis, and between everything, you will find the princess in nice places.

New Keramos stuff

I was invited to do the christmas calendar for Vejen Kunstmuseum, so these are some of the new landscapes in Keramos... They are going to be very pink!