Viser indlæg fra oktober, 2012


These days Im waiting on many things. Im waiting for kiln to finish firing, so I can fire the next one. Im waiting for the last pieces to dry and Im waiting on my baby:) And in between waiting we find time to make apple cider. We invited Kalles kindergarten to come and make the cider and it was a nice day with happy kids:)


Im looking through all my glazes these days, trying to find the perfect once for the calendar. This is what I really enjoy with ceramics, it is always interesting to make new glazes and to try old once in a new context.

My little artist

Today Kalle was in the studio with me. He loves the clay!

Ceramic days in Copenhagen

 Asgers Kristensens works  The book I´ve got from Morten Løbner Espersen and next a view from Gurli Elbækgårds studio I have spent two days "on the road" with Teresa from Vejen Kunstmuseum . We are planning the exhibition: Glasur glæde " We have been visiting the ceramic artists we have invited for the exhibition. First stop was at Asger Kristensens studio. Next stop was at Morten Løbner Espersens Studio. Today we visited the studios of  Bente Skjøttgård and Gurli Elbækgård . It has been two days with a lot of talk about glaze, I'm very inspired and I'm looking very much forward to see how the exhibition will end up. Ane Fabricius Christiansen is also in the group. The exhibition will open on the of December 2012 and end in May 2013.