Åbent værksted

Så er dette års åbent værksted arrangement slut og det var vel besøgt. Der var folk hele tiden, der blev lavet porcelæns dørskilte og hygge snakket. Tak til alle jer der kiggede forbi:)
This years open studio is now finished and it has been a good day. There were people all the time, doorsigns were made and a lot of good talks. Thanks to all who stopped by!



Idag kunne man i Jydske Vestkysten læse en fin artikel om mig i anledningen af: Åbent Værksted i Trekantsområdet nu på søndag 11-16. Husk man kan lave sit eget dørskilt i porcelæn for 500.00 KR.
Today the local news paper Jydske Vestkysten had an article about me, because of the open studio arrangement on sunday 11-16. Remember, you can make your own doorsign in porcelain for 500.00 KR.


Ksenia Shigaeva

Im looking so much forward to my friend Kesenia Shigaeva from Russia. She is returning to DK. Ksenia is going to be artist in recidence at Guldagergård, where we got to know each other last autumn and she is also visiting me:) We are going to work on our project. The pictures are from: http://www.ksceramics.ru/


Some of my inspiration...


Åbent værksted 2010

Igen i år har jeg åbent værksted. Det er på søndag fra kl 11-16. I år kan man komme og lave sit eget dørskilt i porcelæn. Ring gerne og tilmeld jer i forvejen på TLF: 40 60 49 25. Der er kun 10 pladser og prisen er 500,00 KR. Ellers vil der være salg af prinsesser og monstrer, samt lidt 2.sorterings salg.

it is time for opening the doors at my studio to the public, so this Sunday between 11-16, you are welcome to visit me. You can make your own sign for the door in porcelain and you can by the princess and monsters.


J.K. Rowling

Tuesday I went to Odense to see J.K. Rowling get the H.C. Andersen literature Award 2010. I LIKE her and Harry Potter a lot and it was amazing to see and hear her tell about writing. It was princess Marie, who gave her the award and the danish actor Preben Christensen was the conferencier. Unfortunately I didn´t get her autograph...


Prinsessen og Gabriella i Esbjerg

Der er prinsesse uge på Esbjerg bibliotek! Så Prinsessen og englen Gabriella er på tur. De kan ses i børneafdelingen indtil den 1 november.
You can now see the Princess and the angel Gabriella at the library in Esbjerg. They are in the kids department and can be seen there until the 1.th of November.


Exhibition at the Æglageret

What a weekend! Friday I went to Guldagergård with ceramic from the PN exhibition at Grimmerhus. Then I went to the Købmandsgården also in Skælskør to pick up my princess, so I could set up the exhibition in Holbæk. It was a long day and I finished the day in Tivoli CPH at the premier at the Mamma Mia show. It was a lot of fun. The next day we had the opening on the exhibition at the Æglageret. Im showing all of the princess pieces next to the illustrtions of the danish artist Flemming Quist Møller. The illustrations of Flemming Quist Møller are really amazing. He has new and old drawings at the exhibition and you can see the exhibition until the 21.th of november. See more on: www.aeglageret.dk



This year I try to be on time with the products for the christmas sale, so this is the first peek at the new snowscapes.


Julie Nord

Julie Nord is a danish illustrator, Im a big fan of her! The works are so beautifull and thoughtfull. Julie Nord has an big solo exhibition at Aros in Århus now, I hope to go and see it.

The drawings are from http://www.julienord.dk/


My son is two years old and he just love Totoro, so we are watching the movie over and over. I love him too!


Så er der Krudtugler i lange baner!



Fun jewellery from Santorini this summer, silicone, acryl and silver.
Sweet dog and cat from Lone Løveschal. www.mumu-land.dk

Chocolate rings made of silver and silicone. You get a box of chocolate with three pieces. Mette Laier www.mettelaier.dk
I love the humour in all of the jewellery!