Glaze geek 6

Gitte Jungersen http://www.gittejungersen.dk/ I Like a lot!


Fairytales mean a lot to me! And yesterday I went with some of my family to Copenhagen to see Wicked at The: Ny teater. It was very very good! Beautifull costumes, good songs and a new story about the witches from Oz, from before Dorothy arrives in her house and kills one of the them. Its a story about how we look at good and evil, an interesting view actually.

And the originally book: The wizard of Oz, well I just bought it when I was in Iceland, and read it on the flight home from there... The illustration are wonderfull and the story a little different from the movie. Dorothy and her friends actually meets a whole place where everybody is made out of porcelain! Amazing:) So read the book and go see the play! Fairytales are forever and ever.



Swoon street artist from New York City is totally amazing! The works are beautifull, I like the combination of drawings and papercuts.


Matroyska dolls

At last I have returned to my studio! It has been 3 month since! But now Im here, getting ready to fire the Matroyska dolls... And to make the: Princess cookies collection and Monsters!


Teacher 4

Turi Heisselberg and Lone Skov Madsen was also some of my teachers at DK. Turi was a big support the last year during the degree project. I would love to have seen their last show, which they made together. I think their works talks very well to eachother.


Thora Finnsdottir

The first time I saw Thora Finnsdottirs works, was at Grimmerhus and it was her degree show exhibition. Some of the works were cute bunnys on different shapes. Her works are just so nice -old and new put together. See more www.finnsdottir.dk


Crazy weeks

The last couple of weeks have been crazy! Starting to work again, after 6 weeks with "no hands". Teaching, meeting in the craft organization, applying for grants, going on a one day trip to copenhagen to the event: KUR11 and just trying to catch up! KUR11 was interresting, especially I liked Piet Hein Eek from Holland www.pietheineek.nl. NinaTolstrup, designer, Jesper Moselund, Anne Black and Mikael Lindholm was the other speakers. See more about KUR11 on www.danishcrafts.dk

Teacher 3

Steen Ipsen http://www.dammand.dk/steen-ipsen/ was my teacher in plaster, the last year I went to school. We had this great week with him, just making plaster into shapes and molds. Every student should have a week with him! Steen Ipsen just recieved a prize of honour, so a big congratulation from here!