Viser indlæg fra juli, 2011

Miumi glazing

Today we started glazing some of the works...


I live close to Legoland, so today Ole and I went for the very first time, with Kalle. He is three years old and he was very excited. It was a fun, fine and fantastic day.

The Cookie Collection

Princess with cupcake on a doily

Princess with biscuits

Princess on a plate with small cupcake

Princess on a blue fluted plate with macarons

Princess with a doughnut

Princess with cookies

The Prince


Exhibition opening at Designer Zoo

Finally! Almost 100 Monsters and Mascottes at the Designer ZOO.
It was a nice day at the ZOO, my sister Helle helped me all day and a great thanks to the people at Designer ZOO for helping out too!
11 monsters allready found a new home yesterday, so thats a good beginnig for the project!
The project begun in the fall 2010, where the first monsters appeared at my studio.
I have made all the monsters with one goal. To support the Danish Cancer society.
The background story for doing this, is that i really wanted to give the society more than I usually can give.
In my family people died of cancer before I was born, when I grew up uncles and aunts got cancer, some died and some survived. Friends parents have past away and now I know people who fights the illness today. I don´t know what the future will bring, but I hope that some day no one have to fight cancer anymore.

The Prince and the Princess in the forest


Black and white... almost!

Some more Monsters and Mascottes! Im really happy about these almost black and whites:)

NR 300

Some days ago I recieved the materials from the Danish cancer society So now Im ready for the exhibition at Designer Zoo next week! Hope to see you there.